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Go straight to nature
It's safer, naturally effective & healthy

No Fillers
No Animal Grade
(AG) Ingredients

that allow dangerous impurities

No Chemicals
Artificial Colors
Some colors have
been proven safe, but over time many have been BANNED by the FDA.

No Artificial Flavors
No Magnesium Silicate

Studies have established preliminary links with pulmonary issues, lung cancer, skin cancer & ovarian cancer.

Only the...
Right nutrients in the
Right amounts at the
Right time...Naturally!

Thank you, Mary, for all your time spent reviewing my feeding program, your willingness to share your expertise and for your product.

It gives me a sense of reassurance that I’m doing something good for my new mare and her unborn foals.
~Sincerely, Jane


No More Worrying... No More Searching...

Help Us... Help You.. Help Your Horse

A Pure Plant & Herb Based, Gently Pelleted, Equine Supplement
That Provides Essential & Digestible Nutrients For Your Horse

"Feed Your Horse Like A Horse"
NO Chemicals -- NO Artificial Ingredients or Flavors-- NO Bovine -- NO Shell Fish

They'll Get The Right Ingredients,
in the Right Amounts at the Right Time

Based On The Committee on Nutrient Requirements of Horses; U.S. Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources; Division on Earth and Life Studies; National Research Council...

Here's Why You'll Finally Rest Easy... It's called Natures Process
It helps Cleanse, Restore and Nourish Your Horse

"Love them enough, care for them right, and they'll love you right back"



December I purchased a Morgan mare just entering her 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

It was an unplanned purchase and happened quickly.

She had come from an upstate NY farm with wonderful care where she’d been eating excellent quality local hay and pasture fortified by a commercial supplement.

preggers  and Mom

By mid-January it was obvious she needed a different feeding program in a hurry, not just because she was due in early April, 2014, but because she had lost condition. I knew I needed to educate myself quickly.

I got online to research the needs of pregnant mares, a whole new world for me as I’ve never owned one in over 50 years of involvement with horses, and immediately added grain to her diet.

The hay I had in the barn was tested and found to be low in protein, among other differences from the hay she’s been on in NY.

I don’t recall exactly how I found the Organic Horse Supplements web site, but I was intrigued and impressed with Mary’s knowledge of the chemistry of what we feed our horses.

I have become quite concerned with the chemicals added to the human diet and have personally changed over to eating primarilyorganic foods.
- Read More


from a grim lame IV to the exquisite majestic cantor
horse gallop

After consultation, the Vet's recommendation was a very slim chance of recovery, with highest probability of needing to be put down. 

Immediately the hooves were attended and with a speedy shipment of the necessary herbs incorporated into a diet change the health of this horse & has greatly improved. 

In my last attending visit, he gave a beautiful show of bareback gracefulness in the movement of a cantor and gallup. 

For the change, from a grim lame IV to the exquisite majestic cantor / gallup, we send our indebtedness and appreciation... - Read More

First I am a Blacksmith, Farrier, & student Iridologist

I've been working with horses for many years and learned much through the experiences in the United States and other countries.

The horse owner, a much younger gentleman, asked me to help him as he received a 25 to 29 year old horse not in good health. 

It was because of your professional knowledge on the natural health of the equine species as well your willingness to go the extra mile in communications on the subject.

And your total professionalism in business the re-establishment of the horses health to a state light riding and enjoyment of life with humans has taken place. - Read More


My Horse Has A Serious Eye Problem
horse eye

I have attached a photo of his eye, as you, if I remember correctly like to see, which I am sending to France for confirmation.

The major difficulties I am seeing is the blood, the medulla blongata, axis / poll area, kidney / back area & the brain...

The last x-ray are showing some signs of possible sidebone development of the fetlocks.

I am thinking this horse was in a very bad accident or was hit a lot in training from a bad tempered trainer. I am sure you have know or seen some of them. 

I have heard of some bragging of the use of pvc pipe. 

Just in the lab in France sees a marked improvement. 

They want to know what you are doing.... 

I just said Organic Horse Supplements and Mary! -Read More


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*We are the only supplement that uses Nature’s ProcessTM to help maintain the health of your horse’s whole body.